Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training


Whereas Lean streamlines processes and eliminates unnecessary steps (waste) in them, Six sigma implements data driven methodology to solve complex, cross functional problems is situation when the root causes of problem are unknown.  This is an in depth training for professionals who are exposed to the basic concepts of Lean or Six Sigma but would like to delve deeper in these sciences and develop clear headed approach to tackle the real world organizational challenges leading to positive impacts on bottom line and increased customer satisfaction. 

Learning Objective

Objective of the course is to make the participants learn the key concepts and tools and techniques pertaining to the lean and six sigma frameworks at Black Belt competency level leading to attainment of LSSBB (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) credential.


5 sessions of 4 hours each

Sessions cover topics related to Lean Six sigma (LSS) that include following:

• Enterprise wide view: Lean –Sigma deployment and Continuous Improvement 

• Leadership: Six Sigma roles

• Organization Process Management and Measures: CTX, Benchmarking, Impacts on stakeholders 

• Business Performance Measures: Balanced Score Card, KPIs, Customer loyalty 

• Financial Measures: NPVs, IRRs, COQ, ROI 

• Team management and Facilitation: Team types and constraints, Selection and roles, stages and communications 

• Define Phase: VOC, CTQ, QFD, KANO, Project Charter 

• Measure Phase: Process Characteristics, Sampling Methods, Types of Data Collection, MSA, Descriptive Stats, CLT, Graphical methods (Whisker plot, scatter diagram, run Chart etc.), Process Capability, Probability 

• Analyze Phase: Multi-vari studies, Regression, Hypothesis Testing, ANOVA, FMEA, Root cause and waste analysis 

• Improve Phase: DOE, Waste elimination, Kaizen, Risk analysis and Mitigation, TOC
• Control Phase: SPC, Visual Factory, TPM, Training plan deployment, Documentation 


LSSBB certification is issued from CONSAK Inc. Canada on successful completion of course

Cost of Course 

CAD 4000 plus HST (Discounts available as applicable)

Exam Fee   
Cost of tests is inclusive of the course price

78 Endsleigh Cres North York M2J 3N9, Ontario

Online Sessions 

Distance learning option is also available through remote interactive training 

Evening/Morning//Weekend classes as applicable