Lean Management Certification

Lean management training aims to provide participants with an insight into  concepts like the TPS,TOC, Kaizen and waste reduction methodologies using Lean tools. The trainee, after this course can function within specific area of the organization with application of lean tools to improve efficiencies.

Importance of Training
Lean approach is highly broad based in its applicability and can be used for improving  processes across the organization.
Lean Management Training is ideal for anyone looking to provide valuable contribution through Lean Enterprise management, Lean product development, Lean supplier management, Lean production processes, Lean customer management, and Quality management 

Learning Objective
To help students learn fundamentals of Lean management as applicable to Enterprise and Production (manufacturing) perspectives.

Course Contents
Explanation of core five principles : Value; Value Stream; Flow; Pull; Perfection
Coverage of  relevant important concepts: Muda; Mura; Muri; Kaizen; Kanban; PDCA;TPS; 5S, Value Stream Mapping; Lean Tools (Hoshin, Gemba,  Andon) etc;
Providing of lucid examples where applicable to make learning easy. 

15 Hours of contact training with professional slide shows and discussion including examples from real world

Testing and group discussion conducted as part of training leading to the certfication provided by CONSAK Inc. Canada

Cost of Tutoring 
CAD 1500 (Discount available for combo package)

Exam Cost 
USD 99

78 Endleigh Cres, North York M2J 3N9, Ontario

Online Learning  
Distance learning option is also available through remote interactive training 

Evening/Morning//Weekend classes as applicable

Info Seminar 
Available  on request  at no cost