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If you are reading this article it is because you are interested in the professional matters. We thank you for your interest and hope to have for your continued readership. We know these are times of recession and professional challenges are being faced on much bigger dimensions than ever before. The increasing competition in face of lay offs and budgetary constraints are straining the dynamics of both the work markets and work places. Therefore It has now become imperative for the professionals- in job or in between jobs- to brace up for the situation and get more empowered to face steeper  competitions ahead. A viable strategy is to stay competitive and marketable by joining some skills development program and acquiring the hot market certifications like PMP, Six Sigma, ITIL etc. In this perspective CONSAK INC understands the importance of such professional aspirations and is geared to offer highly affordable and effective programs. Students at CONSAK INC have found its training offerings to be of highest quality and yet suitable to match even frugal pockets. This means best value for dollar deals are available in line with CONSAK’s commitment to provide ‘Continuity to Success And Knowledge’ for its clients. It prides in providing training services in areas of Project management, Six Sigma, and ITIL. In this section we  discuss  about Six Sigma and what CONSAK  offers pertaining to its training .

Over View -Six Sigma
Six Sigma was introduced as a process improvement methodology by Motorola in 1990s which resulted in increased efficiencies, reduction of non value added activities greater customer satisfaction and over all profit to the company worth billions of dollars.  This lead to Six Sigma’s popularity and many industries have followed suit since then to gain advantages that accrue from its implementation. As a philosophy Six Sigma can be considered to focus in bringing Voice of the Process (VOP) closer to Voice of Customer (VOC) while keeping it in congruence with the Voice of the Business (VOB). 

DMAIC Cycle-Six Sigma
To be successful Six Sigma programs need to planned and implemented as a corporate culture for betterment for the company involving all echelons from senior executives to the worker staff. There are Six Sigma experts with their teams to carryout such improvement projects using the ‘ ideas’ gathering tools, ‘data’ gathering tools and ‘statistical’ techniques. A problem area is selected for improvement in Define phase, it is bench marked in the Measure phase, it is Analyzed for key process Input / Output Variables(KPIVs/KPOVs), solution are provided in Improve phase and the Control phase is lastly applied to ensure that improvements are not lost by slip back of process to its previous position through institutionalization of the improvements. These phases are part of the famous DMAIC cycle and aimed to bring about improvements through this break-through strategy.
As an elevator speech for defining Six Sigma, the Textron CEO Lewis Campbell, 61, a staunch advocate of the Six Sigma problem-solving method, says:
“You define a problem, take measurements to be crystal clear on what you're trying to improve and analyze the data using statistical tools to sort through the noise. The last piece is control, so that once you fix something, it's fixed for the last time. The idea is to create output so predictable that there are only three defects per million.”

Expertise Levels –Six Sigma
The Six Sigma programs are implemented in the organization by the trained personnel. These practitioners are recognized by levels of expertise that are labeled (moving from junior to senior levels) as Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, etc. These labels have been inspired from the terms that are similarly used in Judo. It is clear that Six Sigma is not restricted to a particular industry but has a very broad based applicability in different professional areas  including  Manufacturing, Transactional, Marketing, Services Industries etc. Because of its broad based nature Six Sigma certified professionals are in hot market  demand.

Why CONSAK Six Sigma Training
CONSAK INC offers  Six Sigma Green, Black Belt and Master Black Belt training to help students attain these certifications at an affordable cost while maintaining high professional standards of training. The training covers the core concepts like DMAIC, DFSS, SIPOC, Statistical tools etc with practical examples and enables students to pass an online Exam leading to Green Belt Certification. The program is generally of 12 training hours (Green Belt ), 20 training hours (Black Belt) and 16 training hours(Master Black Belt) followed by 1 hour of online exam ratifying the competence of the trainee to the applicable certification.

Niche Offerings- CONSAK INC
In this busy and demanding times when one is challenged with multiple commitments students find it a welcome relief to have personalized tutoring for professional courses like Six Sigma/PMP/Lean/ITIL and that’s where lies CONSAK’s niche.  ‘One to One’ training sessions find great ATTRACTION for the students as they have no worries if any scheduled session is missed due to a personal constraint. The missed session are rescheduled to prevent any training gaps and to enable continuity. This plus the friendly  and comfortable training  facilitated with professional slide shows from a very competent trainer results in most conducive learning experience.  CONSAK also offers online training for students in remote locations within and beyond Canada and remains passionately involved with students to see them through to success whether they are enrolled in its distance learning or in class training.

It may also be noted that Six Sigma and PMP Training complement each other and CONSAK INC offers PMP Training on the latest system which is based on latest PMBOK Edition.

For different Six Sigma courses we have on offer Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black BeltSix Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean-Six Sigma certification training.

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