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I have just passed the PMP Exam in first try and now I’d like to thank Asad Kazim who has made this possible. In my opinion, Consak Inc. is definitely the best PMP exam preparation training provider in GTA.  Asad’s knowledge of Project Management, the effectiveness of his customized teaching techniques and the flexibility of his course schedule are unparalleled and second to none. A word of advice for his future students -  listen Asad Kazim carefully, pay attention to his every word, every intonation, every facial expression, do as he advises you to do and you will succeed. Good luck, guys!

I.Abu-Halimeh, Project Manager, PMP –ELLISDON, TORONTO

I have recently passed my first attempt of the PMP exam. I practice project management regularly but not 100% as per the standards of the PMBOK. Asad helped connect the dots and link the ideas in an attempt to set my PM thinking on the right path and align it with that of PMI’s. Asad is very knowledgeable and definitely at the expert level. His classroom environment as well as the use of visual aids had made the flow of ideas a lot better. I greatly liked how Asad used real life examples and stories to help make the concepts easier to understand and remember when it came to writing the exam and has proven beneficial. Words alone are not sufficient I find to admire Asad but to say a few, I can now re-write the PMBOK myself.

Caroline Seraidarian,CAPM-Sr. Project Control Officer, IT PMO, DOMTAR Montreal

I travelled to Toronto from Montreal for my CAPM training as there are very limited PMI registered education providers that provide specific training for CAPM only in Montreal.I found that Mr. Kazim is very knowledgeable and his real life examples make it easier to understand the PMBOK. His patience was also an added value whenever I had questions or if I asked him to repeat the answers once more. With tools such as visual aids, boards and large screen display, etc. I found CONSAK 's training environment to be very professional yet relaxing. This indeed makes the training effective and beneficial.I highly recommend taking a course with CONSAK Inc. as the return value is priceless.

Ram Singh, PMP

Asad’s knowledge of Project Management and the PMBOK in general is phenomenal. He made the class enjoyable and was able to convey difficult concepts into meaningful, understandable and easy to grasp concepts. His knowledge and experience is obviously at expert level. His thorough understanding of the subject can be seen throughout the training sessions. He answered all questions and provided analogies with day to day life scenarios to enable  better understanding of the Project Management cycle. The training in overall fully met my expectations and I would like to HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone who wants to be successful in writing the PMI exam and to have a good understanding of managing Projects. I would also like to thank Asad for all the assistance that he provided to me during the application process as well as during the classes. I would definitely be returning to Consak for further training in Lean Six Sigma.


I underwent PMP training at CONSAK Inc and the results are obvious. PASSED IN FIRST ATTEMPT. . This training was remarkable - no question was ever dismissed as irrelevant and useful examples were provided to clarify concepts. A really very good, highly enjoyable and interactive program!!! The mind maps and mnemonics integrating project management process groups, processes and knowledge areas really helped in answering exam questions. Asad, is an  excellent trainer who combines theory with pertinent real life examples that boosts understanding manifold and helps to tie the different ends together drawing clear focus to knowledge of project management based on principles of PMBOK4.  The practical exercises were useful in offering 'hands on' experience.Thus the enriched learning experience has contributed not only towards helping in passing of my PMP exam but also has also given me the confidence to use the learned PM methodologies in real world. Challenging program effectively carried through. Thank you Asad for your great guidance.


I recently took and passed the exam – credit to CONSAK INC. for giving me the confidence and preparation required to pass this exam.As working full time, it was important for me to find a school that had a flexible training schedule and CONSAK Inc. offers this feature. Also, I had spent several weeks researching potential training schools and even considered self-study for the PMP course but after meeting with Asad, his approach and passion for teaching and helping students achieve the PMP was what convinced me to enroll in his course. His training was not only flexible but also offered on a one -on -one basis; this meant my sessions were tailored to my schedule and specific needs. I was very satisfied with the pace of the classes and the real world examples from Asad. He broke down complex concepts into plain language with lucid explanations which really simplified the matters and emphasized an understanding of foundational concepts; which is very useful as this course covers a lot of material. Though CONSAK Inc. is an authorized Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) of PMI, with qualified PMP instructors and very high quality services, it still has competitive rates and in my opinion it provides one of the highest value to dollar return for its training especially when considering that individual attention is also provided during the course. Thus for anyone considering this course I surely recommend CONSAK Inc. and you would achieve your goals. Good luck.


Hi Asad,On behalf of the entire class, I would like to render my sincere appreciation to you and your company CONSAK Inc. for the in-depth training provided to our group in preparation for the PMP exam.  You made the class exciting and interesting with real life examples to make difficult concepts appear easy and ensured that all participants remain focused to learn the principles of project management methodology as per PMBOK 4. Everyone in the ANFGC group who took the CONSAK PMP training, also highly admired your drive and passion to see that all of your students pass the exam and succeed in their careers. We sincerely thank you for this memorable training and would not ever forget your guidance for taking us to the next level in managing of personal and professional projects in our lives. 


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